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COVID-19 Pushes Digital Transformation In Saudi Arabia

The digital economy has been growing 2.5x faster than the legacy economy

KPMG has urged the government ministries, institutions, authorities in Saudi Arabia to focus on key priority digital agendas that would help navigate the COVID-19 crisis and beyond, such as telehealth, digital education, and teleworking.

“The digital transformation in these unprecedented circumstances has become a pressing necessity rather than a long-term aspiration, as it will help countries and businesses alike alleviate the impact of a looming crisis, according to a recent report conducted by KPMG in Saudi Arabia.

The latest report ‘COVID-19 as accelerator for digital transformation and the rise of the gig economy’ said the digital transformation has become a major determinant of countries’ competitiveness and a prerequisite for securing and sustaining socio-economic prosperity. More importantly, it will ensure sustainability and growth beyond the crisis.

“The digital economy has been growing 2.5x faster than the legacy economy, thereby making leading nations achieve +35% contribution to GDP from the digital economy, commented Tareq Dreiza, Senior Director at KPMG in Saudi Arabia.

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News Courtesy: The Arabian Marketer